Symmetrical and Streamlined Ear Pinning

The term otoplasty refers to the reshaping or reforming or “pinning” of the ears. Most commonly, the procedure is performed to correct prominent ears by setting them back closer to the head. Everyone’s ears are different, and otoplasty may refer to the correction of several different ear conditions. When performing otoplasty (ear pinning) plastic surgery, Dr. Miller will bring skill, experience and training to performing this procedure for both children and adults.

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For children, large and/or protruding ears can result in teasing or name-calling that can make adjustment in school difficult, reducing self-confidence as they enter adulthood. Fortunately, this is a problem that can be easily corrected once a child’s ears grow to their full size, usually between five and six years of age.

For children, pinning the ears is a common technique used during otoplasty to achieve the desired result. For adults, Dr. Miller may also reshape or reduce the size of the ears to help them appear symmetrical and streamlined with the contours of the face. Earlobes that have been torn or stretched by gauging can also be corrected.

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*Non-refundable consultation fee of $100 will be credited for services provided