Chin Lift for a Balanced Appearance

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Facial contouring, and chin augmentation plastic surgery in particular, changes the basic structure of your face. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, Dr. Miller uses carefully styled implants to create a more attractive and harmonious balance to your face.

Many patients, both men and women, who come to Dr. Miller find that their appearance can be greatly improved by enhancements to the chin through chin augmentation plastic surgery (genioplasty).

A recessive chin can make the mouth appear to turn down at the corners, which can create an “unhappy” look. Chin augmentation (implant) plastic surgery can be used to bring the chin to the proper proportions. Chin implants can sometimes improve the appearance of jowls and hanging tissue in the neck. Some patients consider additional chin enhancement procedures at the same time to improve their result.

Your goals will be discussed realistically with the doctor. Tulsa Plastic Surgery will address all of your questions and concerns, and together you will decide which procedures will help you achieve your best possible result.

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*Non-refundable consultation fee of $100 will be credited for services provided